Part of SCOOP 2012, Event #37 is an exciting heads up, no limit Hold’em contest that has three levels of play:  low, medium and high.  Event #37 began on Saturday and ended on Sunday, May 20, with action starting at 12:30pm EST.

Event #37′s low end tournament had a buy-in of $200 + $15 and a guaranteed prize pool of $125,000.  Attracting 1,414 competitors out of a maximum of 16,384, the tournament’s total prize pool reached $282,800 with a possible first place prize of $42,768.04.  The tournament paid the top 128 finishers between $735.28 and $42,768.04 apiece.

Event #37′s middle tournament had a buy-in of $2,000 + $100 and a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000.  With 256 entrants out of a maximum of 1,024, the middle tournament’s prize pool topped out at $512,000 and offered a first place prize of $112,640.  The tournament rewarded its top 32 finishers with a payment of at least $5,632.00

Event #37′s high tournament had a buy-in of $20,500 + $500 and a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000.  Almost a sellout, the tournament attracted 28 participants which left only four seats unoccupied.  The high tournament ended up with a total prize pool of $574,000 with a possible first place prize of $258,300. 먹튀검증사이트 The tournament’s third and fourth place finishers were expected to receive $86,100 each, with the person winding up in second getting $143,500.

Event #37 Low NL Hold’em $200 + $15

The second day of competition in the low tournament started with 64 players engaged in heads up play at 32 tables.  It took less than thirty minutes for the first ten players to be knocked out of Event #37′s low heads up tournament.  With each receiving $1,295.22, the first ten players knocked out were:  jimmychin, gwaag, delaney_kid,”OPIGGYBANK,” sarnabul, Bluffomat, KKremate, SexyFunTimes, bojabaas, and alimounda.

Coming out of the first break, it didn’t take long for another six players to be eliminated from the low tournament with each of them earning $1,295.22 for their respective efforts.

With only eleven players left in the tournament, qpuni$her_ defeated MrJovelli who ended up in tenth place receiving $4,077.97.  LFB TUBI was the next out, finishing in ninth place overall, after losing to oxyzak who went on to face zoro555 in the next round.  RunThisTable was the next competitor to be ousted, losing to goxomago.  RunThisTable was followed by ndscott, zoro555 and _qpuni$her_, leaving four to compete.

Trying to win a seat at the tournament’s final table, oxyzak squared off against sonik4 while gozomago took on dontdoitlol. The first to claim a seat at the final table was sonik4 and the second was goxomago.

With more than a three-to-one chip advantage, sonik4 was in command less than 30 minutes after the final table was seated.  Dropping goxomago down to a total of $3,057 in chips, sonik4 collected even more chips with the following hand:

Seat 1: sonik4 (button) (small blind) showed [Qc Ah] and won (3180) with a pair of Queens

Seat 2: goxomago (big blind) mucked

A few hands later, sonik4 put goxomago all-in and won the tournament on the following hand:

Event #37 Middle NL Hold’em $2,000 + $100

Sunday’s round of heads up play in the middle tournament started with just 16 players at eight tables. Helio TYF was the first to claim a victory in Event #37′s middle tournament, knocking Jorj95 out in 16th place.  Jorj95 received $10,752 for finishing in that position.  Collecting as much as Jorj95, Bohni16 and Lecher1991 were the next two contestants to be eliminated from the middle tournament.

More than three hours since it began and with only seven players left, the middle tournament’s first heads up winner of the day, Helio TYF, was embroiled in a match with Moorman1.  Returning from a break at 4pm EST, Moorman1 had $15,876 in chips while Helio TYF had only $4,124 with the blinds at $40/$80.  Within twenty minutes of returning to the table, Moorman1 called Helio TYF’s all-in bet for more than $4,000 in a hand that could have ended the match between the two.  Both players turned over A-10, however, so play continued with Helio TYF quickly amassing more than $5,000 in chips.

With Helio TYF successfully collecting more than $7,500 in chips, 1BigAceHole was eliminated from play at another table by KRab42, finishing seventh overall.  Shortly thereafter, Helio TYF took over the chip lead from Moorman1 with the following hand:

Seat 1: Moorman1 (button) (small blind) showed [Qh Ah] and lost with high card Ace

Seat 2: Helio TYF (big blind) showed [Ac Ad] and won (11536) with a pair of Aces

In the end, Helio TYF defeated Moorman1 with two pairs, 7s and 8s, with Moorman1 having only a pair of 8s, landing Moorman1 in fifth place overall.  Helio TYF went on to beat Banderivets in the next round and earned a seat at the tournament’s final table.  Joining Helio TYF at the final table was w00tLOL who defeated KRab42 to earn a seat.

After play was paused to see if the two final contestants could reach a deal, the players agreed to each accept $82,160 in winnings and continue their match with an additional $20,000 going to the winner.  Play resued with Helio TYF enjoying a slight chip lead.

Having fallen behind in chips after a while, Helio TYF reclaimed the chip lead with the following hand:

PokerStars Hand #80761261058: Tournament #2012050372, $2000+$100 USD Hold’em No Limit – Match Round VIII, Level III (40/80) – 2012/05/20 18:41:15 ET

Seat 1: w00tLOL (button) (small blind) showed [Jh Ah] and lost with a full house, Sevens full of Jacks

Seat 2: Helio TYF (big blind) showed [Js 7h] and won (10742) with four of a kind, Sevens

Ultimately, though, w00tLOL claimed victory at the final table of Event 37′s middle tournament.  Because of the deal struck between w00tLOL and Helio TYF, w00tLOL received $102,160 and Helio TYF walked away with $82,160.

Event #37 High NL Hold’em $20,500 + $500

The final day in Event #37′s high heads up tournament began with only four players at two separate tables.

Off to a fast start, it took less than twenty minutes for Sauce123 to knock Canadian pistons87 out of the high tournament in fourth place.  Pistons87 collected a payment of $86,100 as a result.

Sauce123 had to wait for the last round of heads up play to begin as Also11 and ragen70 battled it out at another table to see which of them would face Sauce123 at the final table.  In the end, it was Also11 who prevailed and entered a heads up match with Sauce123, with ragen70 banking $86,100.

Ultimately, Sauce123 defeated Also11 after a hard-fought heads up battle that lasted less than an hour.  Sauce123 received a payment of $258,300 for coming in first in the high tournament while Also11 received $143,500 for finishing in second.