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Slot Gacor Hari Ini

  [From Austin Slot Gacor Hari Ini Day, this entry is being brought to you by guest writer Chip Rosenthal – thanks Chip! Several Austin bloggers “swapped blogs” this week and wrote guest entries for each other. I wrote my guest entry for Holly. Austin BlogSwap day also happened to be the day that some high-profile […]

Guy Robs Pizza Shop, Cops Match Note to Toilet Paper at His Apartment

  We’ve heard about a lot of dumb criminals in our day, but being undone by your own toilet paper? Eric Frey stands alone in having achieved that dubious feat. The would-be pizza shop robber, 29, was linked to the crime by toilet paper in his Pennsylvania residence and apprehended by local law enforcement. Uniontown […]


Real estate automation

  Once I click publish on this article through my BlogSpot blog, Google Caffeine will index it to the Google search results within minutes. Would your agency benefit from your real estate related content being available to people searching Google almost instantaneously? Definitely. The new Google algorithm launched mid last year to replace the ageing […]

Heads Up with the Queen isn’t a sanghoki!

  In the Carbon sanghoki offices, its pretty safe to say that our Queen of Hearts isn’t the best poker player. The best way to describe Tina’s usual play is ‘luck box’. That being said in the second of the Heads Up with the Queen bonus matches Tina showed a new side to her game. Her […]

We rtp online need greyhounds, ma’am. All of us

  Wil wasn’t drinking much, The Mark needs umbrellas in his drinks, and Spaceman is a beer man. But damn it, there is a way this game is played. And we’re down a collective $300. No make that $400. And I’m in my pocket. What? I’m buying in again? I’ve got too much money on […]

I have a special place in my pants for April sbo Fools Day

  It started on a Spring day in sbo , MO. Mauve walls, afternoon sun filtered through tan mini-blinds. Hialeagh Avenue had few cars and fewer peeping toms. A little, old dog sat in the living room. Somehow, I’d just convinced a girl who bore a passing remeblance to Helena Bonham Carter to treat me […]

The Double slothoki Deuce

  Editor’s note: This is an incomplete post. I was just getting into the meat of it when I decided it was too much of a ripoff of another poker blogger. Nonetheless, since I started this, I’m going to post it. That’s the way I feel about blogging. It turns my game and my mind […]

먹튀검증사이트 SCOOP 2012 Event 37 Results

Part of SCOOP 2012, Event #37 is an exciting heads up, no limit Hold’em contest that has three levels of play:  low, medium and high.  Event #37 began on Saturday and ended on Sunday, May 20, with action starting at 12:30pm EST. Event #37′s low end tournament had a buy-in of $200 + $15 and […]

On-game Poker-Room Leaderboards — May 29th

  We are officially in the home stretch for the month of May, as today marks the third to last day of the month, and we are very close to crowning the champion for the Ongame Leaderboard. But, there are a few days left, so we’ll take a look at today, May 29th. There has […]