In the Carbon sanghoki¬†offices, its pretty safe to say that our Queen of Hearts isn’t the best poker player. The best way to describe Tina’s usual play is ‘luck box’.

That being said in the second of the Heads Up with the Queen bonus matches Tina showed a new side to her game. Her opponent in this round K1n9K0n9 almost predicted his own fate. As he folded an early hand he said to Tina “I bet you had a big pair”, in classic Tina fashion she replied “look at my pic”. That was a pretty clear tell that she had a big pair.

Unfortunately for K1n9K0n9 that wasn’t the last of her big pairs. Despite getting Tina on the rails she somehow managed to fight back (K1n9K0n9 might be able to help with the details…. I’m guessing there was some luck involved) She finished the game off with the biggest pair, yes even bigger than her pair, pocket rockets.

So congratulations this round go to Tina, and commiserations to K1n9K0n9. It was a well played game, he just couldn’t quite get the result he was looking for.

Its now up to mcfc1984 to restore balance to the force and take Tina down in the last of the Heads Up with the Queen matches.

A tasty little pot…

One of our biggest cash game pots were taken down on the weekend when s01diergirl and foxyuk got tangled playing $25/$50 NL.

In the small blind with Js-9h was s01diergirl and in the big blind with Kd-3d was foxyuk.

First to act was s01diergirl who raised it up to $100, foxyuk made the call and we went to the flop.

The flop came down 8d-Td-Ks setting up both s01diergirl’s up and down straight draw and foxyuk’s flush draw.

Looking for either a free card or maybe even just to see where he was at foxyuk checked it over to s01diergirl who bet out $300, foxy raised over the top o $480 and s01diergirl made the call.

The turn was the only card needed, it was the best card for foxyuk and the worst card for s01diergirl. The queen of diamonds filled s01diergirl’s straight, but at the same time also made foxyuk’s flush.

Clearly foxyuk felt he was in good shape with his straight draw and he bet out $1,400. He wasn’t the only one who liked their hand as s01diergirl came over the top of foxyuk pushing all in. It was another $3,189.50 for foxyuk to call, and he did just that making a total pot of $11,038.

The river didn’t even matter the hand was already won, there was no beating foxyuk’s king high flush from there, making a tidy win for a few minutes play.

If the higher limit cash games are you thing be sure to keep your eye on our cash games, there has been a nice little spike in this action at Carbon Poker and more and more of these games seem to be opening up.